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 school etiquette & uniform care

As martial artists, we are training to honor Christ with Excllence. For this reason we also honor each other with respect. Read these tips about etiquette within the school & proper care of your uniform.

  • It is good practice and etiquette not to wear your uniform (dobok) outside of the dojang/school. Uniforms should not be worn at non-TKD events.
  • Uniforms should be cleaned and pressed for tournaments, demonstrations & seminars. Respect your belt (rank) and do not toss it onto the floor.
  • TKD uniforms should be worn to class with a white t-shirt or shirt that matches your belt color.
  • Jewelry is not permitted except a flat wedding band or newly pierced earrings.
  • Shoes are not permitted in classes, sparring or testings. No gum / candy allowed during class.
  • Long hair should be pulled back and kept out of your face.
  • fingernails should be shortly trimmed.
  • Remember when you wear your uniform you are representing Open Door TKD, and the logo on your back: Honoring Christ with Excellence.

Open Door Taekwondo follows traditional Taekwondo Customs and Courtesies. Out of
respect for other students and your instructors, please note the following:

  • Class time is for the entire hour. If you have to leave class early, notify the instructor
    prior to class. If you are injured during class, bow out appropriately.
  • Bathroom and water breaks are given by permission from the instructor. Children should use the bathroom before class. Parents & Students, please do not go in and out of class as it is distracting to students and instructors. If you are not able to attend at least 50 minutes of a class, please do not check it off on the attendance.
  • 7:00PM Sparring hour: All students should participate in either forms class or sparring.
    Students should not be in the hallway or downstairs unattended. If children are not
    sparring or taking forms class, they should be sitting in the auditorium.
  • Weapons are not permitted on site for gup rank students without prior approval from the school master(s).


M A R K   16:15-16
And He said to them, "Go into all the world and
preach the gospel to every creature.
He who believes and is baptized will be saved;
but he who does not believe will be condemned."
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