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**Important information for NEW STUDENTS.**

Testing Requirements & Forms
Performance of all techniques required for the rank, recitation of assigned scripture, and completion of essays, are needed to successfully complete testing. Each rank requires a minimum time. Many students will require more than the minimum time in grade to be ready for testing.

Students must attend an average of two classes per week and be approved for testing by the instructor. Necessary forms for testing:

Google Google Groups Communication Loop
TKD information is communicated primarily through this website and Open Door TKD Google Group. If you are a participating student you may apply for membership here.

Sparring Gear Ordering & Sizing
Sizing for Sparring Gear is 7pm on the FIRST Tuesday of each month. Measuring takes place at the end of the hall near the entrance to the church kitchen. Please remember to bring a check for payment with you. We can only order gear that is paid for in full. A full set of gear is approximately $103 per person. If you have any questions regarding uniforms or sparring gear, please email

NOTE: If you buy used gear or order your own, check with Master Cromwell for gear approval. Ranks 10th Gup through 1st Gup are required to have hands and feet completely covered for sparring. Shoes are not allowed for classes or sparring.

Gup Rank tshirts worn under uniform should be white or match your belt color.

***Sparring gear should be wiped clean after EVERY use. Anti-bacterial wipes are helpful. Clean gear is beneficial to both yourself and your fellow TKD student. Cleaning information can be found here. ***

Customs and Courtesies
Open Door Taekwondo follows traditional Taekwondo Customs and Courtesies. Out of respect for other students and your instructors, please note the following:

  • Class time is for the entire hour. If you have to leave class early, notify the instructor prior to class. If you are injured during class, bow out appropriately.
  • Bathroom and water breaks are given by permission from the instructor. Children should use the bathroom before class.
  • Parents & Students, please do not go in and out of class as it is distracting to students and instructors.
  • If you are not able to attend at least 50 minutes of a class, please do not check it off on the attendance.
  • 7:00PM Sparring hour: All students should participate in either forms class (by rank) or sparring. Students should spar a minimum of twice per month. Students should not be in the hallway or downstairs unattended. If children are not sparring or taking forms class, they should be sitting in the auditorium along the perimeter. Absolutely no one should be downstairs after 8pm.

Mighty Kids
Our Mighty Kids Taekwondo prigram is for children ages 4-7 who have a parent enrolled. The program encourages each child's physical and social development through detailed curriculum with the purpose of preparation for Traditional Taekwoindo classes at Open Door.

Classes are separate from traditional Taekwondo and Mighty Kids have their own separate belt system. Their testing requirements are specific to Mighty Kids. Mighty Kids are setting goals and working toward them like their families are in traditional Taekwondo.

The most important aspect of Mighty Kids training is their motto:

I will be respectful, I will be a good listener, I will be kind and helpful, I will do my very best.

A C T S  16:31
So they said, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ
and you will be saved, you and your household."
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