Information & Orientation

Welcome to Open Door Taekwondo! We are glad that you and your family have chosen to

participate in this exciting ministry. Our desire is to provide you with a Christ honoring Taekwondo experience that you will find beneficial physically, socially, and spiritually. We endeavor to honor Christ with excellence in all we do.


  • Classes meet Tuesdays 5:00-7:00 & 7:00-8:00 for Black Belts. Student uniforms cost $25. Payment must be received at the time you receive your uniform.

  • Our Mighty Kids program is available for children ages 4-7 (5:00 & 6:00 PM) See MIGHTY KIDS  for detailed Information.

  • We want you to know that Open Door TaeKwonDo is a family program designed for both parents and children to participate together. If you are a parent of a student ages 8-11, that is not participating in classes, read this note below.

  • Once you earn your Yellow Belt you will add sparring classes. Sparring Gear is one of the most expensive items that must be purchased for Taekwondo. A complete standard set of gear costs an average of $150. You should be measured for gear after your yellow belt testing. Check with Masters Cromwell regarding gear sizing and purchase. Gear must be paid in full when ordered.

    • Our school has approved sparring gear for order. If you purchase used gear or gear from another source other than our school, you must get it approved prior to using it for sparring class.


  • Monthly tuition is $45 per family or $35 per individual and is due by the15th of each month. Currently we accept cash & check payment. Checks should be written to Open Door Baptist TKD.

    • In order to maintain proper bookkeeping, please write tuition and the month on the memo line. If paying in cash, please place the money in an envelope, write your name, the month, and what the money is for on the outside the envelope. The checks or envelopes should be placed in the tuition folder by the 15th of each month.


  • Each belt testing has a variety or requirements that include Taekwondo techniques, scripture memory verses. To be eligible for testing, a student must be invited to and pass pre-testing by the senior instructors, and be current on all fees. If your tuition or other fees are behind, the fees must be paid by the Tuesday before your testing date. The cost for testing is $20 per person ($10 for Mighty Kids).



  • Prior to testing for 8th Gup (yellow belt), students are required to join the Victory Taekwondo Chung Do Kwon Association. This is our national organization that provides our credentials. Applications here.

  • Our Taekwondo school follows traditional Taekwondo Customs and Courtesies. Out of respect for other students and your instructors, please note the following:

    • Class time is for the entire hour. If you have to leave class early, notify the instructor prior to class. If you are injured during class, bow out appropriately.  

    • Bathroom and water breaks are given by permission from the instructor. Children should use the bathroom before class. Parents & Students, please do not go in and out of class as it is distracting to students and instructors. If you are not able to attend at least 50 minutes of a class, please do not check it off on the attendance.

    • TKD uniforms should be worn to class with a white t-shirt or shirt that matches your belt color.

    • No jewelry is allowed except a flat wedding band or newly pierced earrings.

    • Shoes are not allowed in classes, sparring or testings. No gum / candy allowed during class.

    • Long hair should be pulled back into a pony tail, fingernails should be shortly trimmed.


​Mighty Kids is an innovative Taekwondo program specifically created for children ages 4 through 7. The program encourages each child’s physical and social development through detailed curriculum with the purpose of preparation for Traditional Taekwondo classes at Open Door.  Classes are separate from traditional Taekwondo. 


Mighty Kids have their own separate belt system.  Their testing requirements are specific to Mighty Kids.  Their belts are white with different colored stripes for each step. 

The most important aspect of Mighty Kids training is their motto.


I WILL BE RESPECTFUL.                             I WILL BE A GOOD LISTENER.



Parents should encourage their children in these areas.  Please use similar words and phrases at home.  Also practice Taekwondo skills with your children.  Mighty Kids learn the same techniques as Traditional Taekwondo White Belt Students. 


Mighty Kid classes are taught at 5:00 and 6:00 on Tuesdays.  Your child may attend one hour or both hours


When a MK is consistently exhibiting the traits outlined in the motto during class and their skills are judged to be ready to begin transitioning to Traditional class, they will be invited to join a MK Transition.  Please note that this does not occur at a designated MK belt level (because each child is different) but is subject to the MK instructors’ judgment and testing performance.  MK must be invited to attend this class.


In order to further move into Traditional Taekwondo classes, Mighty Kids in the Transition Class must consistently exhibit the traits outlined in the motto during class, perform Taekwondo skills at a traditional yellow belt level, and be deemed capable of learning their first form.   They will then be allowed to attend Traditional White Belt class.  Please note that this also does not occur at a designated MK belt level but is subject to the MK instructors’ judgment and testing performance. 

Once they begin Traditional White belt class, they will then become eligible to pre-test for white with a yellow stripe belt (9th gup) which begins their progress through the traditional belt ranks. 

for Parents of students age 8-11

If you are a parent of a student ages 8-11, we want you to know that Open Door TaeKwonDo is a family program designed for both parents and children. Because ODTKD is not a commercial school, we are only able to offer classes once a week. This restricts the amount of instruction time available, therefore making it necessary for students to practice continuously at home.


Over the years we have noticed that younger children between the ages of 8 and 11 often are not able to progress through the ranks on schedule if they do not have a parent or guardian participating and helping them at home.


We strongly encourage ODTKD as a family ministry. However, if you are unable to participate, we ask that you be present and observant to the concepts/techniques being taught in class so you can reinforce them at home. The reason for this policy is to attempt to reduce or eliminate student frustration and failure in a pre-testing or testing environment. It is also to assure that parents are aware of cancelled classes, adjustments in schedule, and needs for tuition balance statements, testing paperwork, Victory membership dues, etc. 

The instructors at Open Door TKD care about your children and have a desire to partner with you to benefit your child.  By having a parent present and paying attention to the instructor training the student receives, the parent can help with practice at home to assure the student doesn’t fall behind schedule and is able to practice technique incorrectly.  We want your child to succeed.  Your child’s success is strongly dependent on your involvement.  We ask that you commit to helping your child practice and progress.

Belt Rank System

Open Door Taekwondo recognizes the belt rank system as described below:


10th Gup White Belt

9th Gup White with Yellow Stripe

8th Gup Yellow

7th Gup Orange

6th Gup Green

5th Gup Blue

4th Gup Purple

3rd Gup Red

2nd Gup Brown

1st Gup Brown / Black 

1st Degree Black


Students should attend an average of two hours per week and be approved for testing by the instructor. School age children must submit an Intention to Promote form completed by the students’ parent and teacher prior to testing.


Performance of all techniques required for the rank and reciting assigned scripture is required for testing.  Note that for each rank a minimum time in grade is required and this is determined by evaluation from a senior Black Belt.  Many students will require more than the minimum time in grade to be ready for testing.


Pre-Testing Expectations

Pre-Testing is an opportunity for the instructors and masters to assess your progress as you advance through the ranks. Below are the expectations for pre-testing:


• Pre-Testing is a TESTING environment. Students should perform their best in all aspects of TKD, including: technique, power, focus, courtesies, respect, as well as be coachable and teachable.

• Students are invited to a pre-testing by a senior Black Belt based on their skill level meeting belt requirements. 

• Pre-Testing is a minimum of three hours for students testing for 7th Gup (orange) and up, beginning at 5:00 PM. If you are unable to attend all three hours, you must speak with Master Cromwell to determine your eligibility to test.


• Students testing for 7th Gup (orange) and up are required to spar and should bring appropriate gear and mouthpiece.


• At the close of pre-testing, you should check with the Black Belt instructor leading the pre-testing class to determine your eligibility to test for the next rank.


• Tuition dues must be paid through the month you are testing before you are eligible to test. If this is a problem, you must speak with Master Jamie Cromwell.


• Before you are eligible to test for 8th Gup (yellow), you must join Victory Chung Do Kwon TKD Association and have paid membership dues for the current year. 


• Testing fees are $20 per person, bring a check to testing made payable to Open Door Tae Kwon Do. Mighty Kid testing fees are $10 per child.


• Shoes are not allowed for testings or classes. If you have a special need, speak with Master Cromwell prior to class.