Our family-oriented Taekwondo ministry opens enrollment three times per year: January, May & September. The program is designed to meet  expectations for students of all ages and skill levels. We offer two programs to facilitate instruction for different age levels: Traditional TaeKwonDo & Mighty Kids (age 4-7).

Our Traditional Taekwondo program is available for ages 8 to adult and students who have been promoted from the Mighty Kids program. Open Door TaeKwonDo is a family program designed for parents and children. Please read this note regarding children ages 8-11.


Tuition & Fees

TaekwonDo is a ministry of Open Door Baptist Church. We operate on a cost-recovery basis. Our instructors volunteer their time to the glory of Jesus Christ.

  • Tuition is $35/ individual $45/ family.

  • Uniform is $25 per person

  • Belt Testing fees $20 per person

  • VTCDKA national membership is required at yellow belt.

  • Sparring gear $150 per person

First tuition payment is due when you enroll. Checks should be made payable to Open Door TKD.

Prior to testing for 8 th Gup (yellow belt), students are required to join the Victory Taekwondo Chung Do Kwon Association. This is our national organization that provides our credentials. The annual cost is $35 per person per year or $85 for a family membership of 3 or more. 


EACH student should complete an application. All applications from a family unit should be paper clipped together along with a check made payable to OPEN DOOR TKD (please write VTCDKA in the memo line). 


VTCDKA membership is required in order to be eligible for testing. Membership is renewed annually, dues are collected in November and December.

Mighty Kids

Mighty Kids, our premiere TaeKwonDo skills children's program, is available for students age 4 to 7 years old.


              5:00-6:00    Mighty Kids 

              5:00-7:00    All Students

              7:00-8:00   Black Belt Class



New Students

Our next BEGINNER CLASS is SEPTEMBER. Students should attend BOTH classes.


Please arrive at 5:45PM to submit your ENROLLMENT FORM and payment (cash or check). Payment is due at the first class. 


Class begins at 6:00

Print & Read this New Student Information

Questions: Email us at



Students must be teachable and willing to adhere to all school rules and regulations. They must be respectful at all times.

Students should attend a minimum of  two classes per week (year-round) and consistently practice skills at home.

After achieving the rank of 8th gup, consistent attendance of 7pm Tuesday sparring class is required.

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